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Image: Jessica Wyld

I’m an author, educator and environmental scientist from Perth, Western Australia. I love children’s books! I love reading them, I love writing them, and I love to spread the cheer.

Check out my debut book 苹果专用网络加速器‘The Lost Stone of SkyCity’ over here.

My author bio is below, but if you want to know even more then head on over to the awesome ‘About’ bit, or feel free to contact me because I love to hear from you!



人工智能来袭 我们的职业都将被机器奴役?-千龙网· ...:2021-10-1 · 抛开电影里科幻的想象,以及“机器学习”、“神经网络”的晦涩,让我们来简单解构下,这个很“玄”又很“炫”的行业。 AI时代到来:方兴未艾的创投风口 走过了整整60年,起起伏伏的人工智能迎来了第三次热潮。硅谷已经为人工智能而狂热。