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Browse our catalog of more than 2,000 high-quality, used laboratory equipment. We carry a wide variety of equipment from top manufacturers in the business including BD, Thermo, Perkin Elmer, Agilent, Eppendorf and many more.
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Whether you need to empty a lab containing hundreds of pieces of equipment, or to sell one mass spectrometer, we can make the process simple, quick and easy. Maximize your ROI by selling your equipment to a new user.

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BioSurplus provides effective disposition services for used lab equipment. Whether you want to monetize unneeded assets or move them to another area of your business, we can provide a turnkey solution so that you can focus on your next project.

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Your equipment shouldn’t be a barrier to your work, but rather an engine that drives research forward. At BioSurplus, we provide valuable, quality used lab equipment at attractive prices to help power research and innovation. Whether you need one key piece of equipment, equipment for an entire lab, or need to repurpose or monetize current assets, the team of scientists at BioSurplus will provide you with the most effective solutions. We’re dedicated to working together as part of our scientific community to buy, sell, repurpose or remarket used lab equipment. More…

BioSurplus is a great business partner who we trust to consign our laboratory equipment. The BioSurplus staff is always very helpful and professional throughout the process. They make it all so easy.

  • ssr软件下载, Lab Operation Specialist, Research Operations, Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation
Karen Mayo

I contacted BioSurplus to resell our old lab equipment and was very impressed with their review and valuation process. They managed the project to our complete satisfaction. I recommend BioSurplus to anyone who is interested in selling or purchasing specialized wet lab equipment.

  • Karen Mayo, VP, Purchasing, Space, and Risk Management. LA BioMed
David Cloutier

I feel I can speak for the entire Biogen Idec team that BioSurplus’ performance has been exceptional. and please pass on my thanks, for a job well done, to the entire BioSurplus staff.

  • 比SSR好用的软件, Global Category Manager, Engineering & Facilities, Biogen Idec
James Sherley

Finding BioSurplus was an early key success for my new company’s business development plan. BioSurplus helped me to quickly turn rapidly depreciating research equipment, housed in expensive commercial storage, into a source of development funds for Asymmetrex.

  • James Sherley, M.D., Ph.D., Director, Asymmetrex, LLC, A MassBio Member Company

BioSurplus conducted an on-site equipment auction for us. Everyone from the upper management in California to the crew that conducted the auction in Cambridge, MA was incredibly professional, efficient and attentive to our needs. In spite of time constraints and a large number of items sold at the auction, the process was smooth and had a wide outreach. The help that the buyers received removing purchases from the premises was commendable. All and all, Merrimack is grateful for the impressive outcome of the auction. Thank you, Biosurplus!

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Outfit an entire lab, or monetize current assets through one of our online auctions. New items are continuously added to upcoming events and listed to sell! The team of experts at BioSurplus can guide you through our easy-to-use system to make sure you get the best deal.