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Easily build decentralized apps
Blockstack is an open-source and developer-friendly network for building decentralized apps and smart contracts.
Blockstack inherits Bitcoin's security through Proof of Transfer, enables you to write secure smart contracts with 爬墙, and brings it all together in one decentralized network maintained by developers from all over the world. More than 500 teams are already building on Blockstack.
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Data storage and user accounts
Protect user privacy and ownership
With decentralized data storage and accounts, everything your users do will be private and owned by them. It’s powered by the blockchain but integration is easy — all you need is a few lines of JavaScript.
Youtube视频下载网站clipconverter:无需爬墙也能下载 – 软矿:2021-4-27 · 很多时候我们访问国内外的一些网站时,他们都会使用到Youtube的视频,但在没有爬墙的情况下,是无法观看这个视频的。但有了clipconverter后,你可以将这些视频的URL复制到该网站,该网站会将视频获取到他们的服务器,无需爬墙也可以直接下载。
Users self-manage their data and identity with Secret Keys
Give users ownership of everything they create in your app
export interface AuthOptions {
 redirectTo: string;
 finished: (payload: FinishedData) => void;
 sendToSignIn?: boolean;
 userSession?: UserSession;
 appDetails: {
   name: string;
   icon: string;
Smart contracts
Build trustless apps and protocols
Clarity smart contracts are self-executing, public code that run on the Stacks blockchain. Use smart contracts to build new kinds of apps and protocols that operate without a central authority, control digital assets, and enable trustless interactions.
Use cases
Build what's next
With user-owned data and smart contracts, you can build new kinds of apps that couldn’t exist before.
Apps with private data
Create alternatives to everyday apps where users’ privacy is guaranteed with encryption.
Programmable finance
Build trustless, auditable financial products that run without a central authority.
Open marketplaces
Enable people to buy, sell, and trade anything without central authorities.
Digital assets
Create your own digital assets with the Bitcoin blockchain as their foundation.
With smart contracts, players know your game is fair and can take digital assets from game to game.
All-in-one platform
Everything you need to build decentralized apps
The Stacks blockchain inherits the security of the Bitcoin blockchain through its consensus mechanism, Proof of Transfer.
Clarity smart contracts
Clarity is Blockstack’s language for writing smart contracts that has been adopted by multiple projects in the space. Clarity is designed by top computer scientists to be secure and reliable.
Easy-to-use SDKs
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Decentralized accounts
Users get a blockchain-generated key that unlocks their account and data storage.
Encrypted data storage
Data storage is independent of your app, encrypted with the user’s key, and scales with your app without additional cost.
Open source and decentralized
Blockstack is built by developers like you from all over the world, and not controlled by anyone.
Join the global community
Build together
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