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                  "Nobody Tels the Truth" - on our LBRY channel! New Stations in Michigan

                  August 2nd, 2020 - 3:38pm by FTL_Admin in

                  Free Talk Live welcomes two more stations in Michigan, WDMJ-AM in Marquette and WMIQ-AM in Iron Mountain. They were purchased by our existing affiliate WCHT-AM in Escanaba, which has aired FTL on weekends live since 2014. For full affiliate details on our over 190 radio stations, please visit http://affiliates.www.tgbuzz.com .

                  If you missed "Nobody Tells the Truth" live Friday nights on our Dlive and Twitch channels, we're now pushing select episodes out to the FTL Youtube channel at http://youtube.www.tgbuzz.com and also our uncensorable LBRY.TV channel: http://lbry.tv/@FreeTalkLive . Here's an excellent episode recently that featured an epic interview and origin story with Captain Kickass: http://lbry.tv/@FreeTalkLive:d/nobody-tells-the-truth-...

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                  July 23rd, 2020 - 12:08pm by FTL_Ian in

                  Aria 4 Sheriff Sign Longtime democrat Cheshire county sheriff Eli Rivera better look out – there’s a new challenger this year in the form of “the Anarchist Shemale”, Aria DiMezzo . In 2018 she ran as the libertarian candidate for Cheshire sheriff in a three-way race against multiple term incumbent Rivera and his longtime losing republican opponent, Earl Nelson. This year, 2020, Nelson did not file and Aria, who’d been planning to run for state rep as a republican decided instead to file in the sheriff’s race. It’s going to be epic, for sure! Stay tuned to Free Keene for the latest.

                  Here’s a quick campaign...

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                  July 18th, 2020 - 5:18pm by ios用啥梯子 in

                  It's an honor to have been recognized as the #25 most important talk show in America, according to the 2020 edition of TALKERS Magazine's "Heavy Hundred" . Please do share the good news - our principled libertarian talk show has been rising year-after-year since we first cracked the Heavy Hundred list in 2009!

                  Without your listenership and support we couldn't have achieved this. Thank you. If you'd like to help us reach more new radio stations, please visit http://amp.www.tgbuzz.com and join AMP for just $5 per month.

                  Thank you! Ian

                  Thank you!

                  ios优质梯子 by FTL_Admin in

                  If it weren't for listeners' direct support, there's no way we could have made it this far. As always, I'm super-grateful for our AMPlifiers' support. As you know, it's only $5 per month and you get some cool perks. If you're not AMPing and can afford $5 per month, it helps a lot. Please visit http://amp.www.tgbuzz.com for all the details.

                  Of course, I definitely appreciate our longtime sponsors and everyone who listens to and shares Free Talk Live.

                  Don't forget to connect with other listeners on our Discord server anytime at http://discord.lrn.fm or the FTL forums at ios如何梯子

                  Hope you have a great weekend, Ian

                  Porcfest 2020 is over. Is today the eighth or first day of Forkfest 2020? You decide.

                  June 29th, 2020 - 2:29am by FTL_Ian in


                  Porcfest 2020 Group Photo, Side Shot

                  Good morning from Roger’s Campground ! If you’ve been reading Free Keene over the last week you’ve seen some excellent Forkfest/Porcfest video blogs from Derrick J. I’ve been so busy, it’s been hard to find time to do much of anything besides record my daily talk radio show and hang out with people here at Roger’s during Porcfest...


                  Heading to Forkfest?

                  June 20th, 2020 - 5:36pm by ios搭设梯子2021 in

                  As you may have heard, some people are starting their Forkfest on Monday June 22nd instead of waiting for June 29th, which is the originally-promoted start date. Now that the Porcupine Freedom Festival has scaled back a bit, there's no longer a prohibition on camping at Rogers without a Porcfest ticket, which means that Forkfest can now happen during the Porcupine Freedom Festival, so that's what we're doing - going for a full two weeks. Will you be coming up anytime between Jun 22nd and July 5th? If so, we'll see you there.

                  If you'd like to connect with other Forkfesters, you can link to the unofficial Telegram chat and Forum at http://forkfest.party

                  如何自己搭建SSR/SS服务端教程:2021-4-18 · 之前博主写过关于搭建ss、outline的教程,但是篇幅相对较长,对于计算机完全小白的人来说,就算是简单的粘贴复制命令,他们都很头疼,根本无从下手,所以又写了这篇新文章,教你一键安装ss或ssr服务端,并提供后续的详细步骤。

                  VIDEO: Keene Police Prove it’s Business As Usual By Targeting Peaceful Nightcap Event

                  June 14th, 2020 - 11:51pm by ios搭设梯子2021 in

                  KPD Officers Tim Richmond and Jake Laporte

                  KPD Officers Tim Richmond and Jake Laporte, just following orders.

                  For a dozen weeks, Keene police have ignored the weekly “Nightcap” events that have happened in Central Square, Fridays starting at 11:59pm. I had no reason to continue writing about the events here because they were a success – peaceful people having a quiet party in the Common, unmolested by state aggression...

                  进行激烈训练|《恶魔的烦恼》全新操作进行时(26~30关 ...:2021-6-19 · 第三十关,立即赶往“A”点并搭设一把梯子;再到“B”点,也搭设一把梯子,随后在折返到“A”点墙壁一侧,用镐头凿开“A”点墙壁,直接掉落到最下面一层;在赶到“C”点,架设一把梯子,收集两把钥匙;最后就是到“D”点上方,搭设两个梯子,通到“E”点上方,架设梯子

                  June 14th, 2020 - 12:59am by FTL_Admin in

                  Longtime weekend syndicated talk show host Cigar Dave is retiring after twenty-five years of doing his show. That means there will be new opportunities for Free Talk Live to add new stations as they are going to be looking for new content over the next couple of weeks. So, if you know if your local talk station carries Cigar Dave, this week would be a great time to reach out to the program director via phone or email and tell the PD that you want to hear Free Talk Live. Program Directors rarely get positive comments so your request will be conspicuous. If you need help finding contact information for your local talk station, please post on the FTL forum .

                  Also please do help us Advertise, Market, and Promote FTL to new radio stations by joining the AMP program. Thanks to our AMPlifiers, we've gotten on over 190 radio stations and in fact just this weekend are welcoming KWPM-AM/FM in West Plains, MO and K-News 98.5 KWWV-HD2 in San...

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                  June 12th, 2020 - 11:36pm in Affiliates

                  Call Sign: 

                  "KWWV" (K235BR)






                  San Luis Obispo





                  Time On: 

                  Sat 4-7p, Mon 12-3a

                  Time Zone: